Icebreaker: POP A Balloon

Icebreaker: POP A Balloon


  • Balloons (10 per group) OR more if you like
  • Question Strips to go inside of balloons
  • String
  • Safety pins 4-5




** Begin the activity by explaining to the students that this is a “get to know you activity”.


  1. Students will get into groups of 3-4 with 1-2 mentors.
  2. Mentors will hold pre-made balloons on string.
  3. Students will take turns popping a balloon and answering the question inside the balloon.
  4. Sample question strips below. Add questions at your leisure.



Download activity here

Grade Range: Pre-K – 3 

Time: 15-20 Minutes

(Life Skills)


Synopsis: Mentors will get to know students and build community in the classroom.