Icebreaker: Earth Day List

Icebreaker: Earth Day List


  • Teacher’s chalkboard/white board/smart board
  • Writing utensil
  • Earth Day Fact List (viewable when downloaded)



  1. Read students the fun earth day facts listed below
  2. Follow up the facts by asking students to raise their hands to share one way they can help to protect the Earth
  3. Write students’ ideas on the board.
  4. Ask the students to pledge to be better about taking care of our earth by trying at least two of the things on the list that you’ve just created. Ask them to try those things for one whole week!


Download activity here









Ice Breaker: Earth Day List

(STEM, Life Skills)


Grade Range: PreK-5   

Time: 15 Minutes


Synopsis: After learning some fun Earth Day Facts, the students will work together to brainstorm a list of ways that they can help the Earth! 


Earth Day, STEM