Ice Breaker: The Human Knot

Ice Breaker: The Human Knot


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  1. Students arrange themselves into a circle
  2. Each student raises their right hand and reaches across to grab the hand of someone standing across from them; each student does the same with their left hand.
  3. Students must then work to untangle themselves
  4. Successful completion of this will allow the students to wind up back in their original formation – a circle.


** Talking Points: How successful would this have been had the students NOT worked together?  Use this opportunity to talk with the children about the importance of teamwork.  Would they have been able to untangle themselves had even one person not cooperated?


Download this activity here.


Grade Range: 4th-8th Grade  


Time: 10-30 minutes


Synopsis: Students will work together to untangle themselves in this team building exercise.  This lesson relies heavily on teamwork and communication.