Ice Breaker: Story Starter

Ice Breaker: Story Starter


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  1. Students may complete this activity in one single large group, or, if desired, you may break the students up into two groups.For this activity, the larger the group, usually the better the outcome!
  2. Explain to the students that they will be creating a whole group story.
  3. The first person in the group with begin with a story starter…an example of a story starter is, “Once upon a time….” Or “On a dark and stormy night….” Or, “Last week, I saw the biggest…”, etc.
  4. The next person in the group will build onto what the first person just said, followed by the next, and the next, until the last person in the group ends the story in the way that he/she feels is the best!


Be prepared for lots of laughter as these stories usually wind up quite involved and very funny – especially when done in a larger group!


Download this activity here.

Grade Range:PreK-8   


Time:10 minutes


Synopsis: Students practice the art of storytelling, creative thinking, and public speaking in this fun and engaging ice breaker activity.

ice breaker, storytelling