Ice Breaker: Growth Mindset

Ice Breaker: Growth Mindset

Materials: None



  1. Students sit in a circle.
  2. One at a time, students stand to introduce themselves to their fellow students and mentors and say one thing they think is hard or scary about school
  3. After the students have said their truth, the students/mentors all chant together, “But you can do it – you-you can do it!” while clapping out the rhythm of the chant (EX: My name is Kate and I am scared to learn my letters…” Class: “But you can do it – you – you can do it!”)


** Important!! Mentors, please consider standing up and saying what YOU are nervous/scared about in your jobs; the students will love making this connection with you and will have fun cheering YOU on as well!


** Talking Points: Remind students of the importance of putting forth their best effort and the power of perseverance (be sure to define this big word for them!) Remind them that they can grow their brains!


Download this activity here.


Grade Range: PreK – 3rd grade


Time: 15 minutes


Synopsis: Students are introduced to the concept of “Growth Mindset” with a focus on getting to know one another, communication, and presentation skills.