Ice-Breaker: Fall Table Talk Cards

Ice-Breaker: Fall Table Talk Cards


  • Approximately 10-12 index cards with questions affixed (see examples attached, though also feel free to create your own!) per group (Have approximately 7-8 sets!)
  • Ziploc bag to hold index cards



  1. Students will be broken into groups of four in addition to their mentor.
  2. The first student in the group chooses a card from the pile and they answer first
  3. The next student in the group answers the same questions, then the next, etc.
  4. When that question has been answered by all, another student chooses a card with a different question
  5. Repeat previous process until all the questions have been answered or your time is up!


**Remember to help guide the students who may not understand the question or who may struggle coming up with an answer – Mentors, you answer the questions too, if you are able!  The kids love this!  Also, if a student prefers to pass on this, that’s okay! 


Fall Discussion Questions:


What is your favorite fall treat?


What is your favorite thing about Fall?


What is your favorite fall color?


Do you like pumpkins?


Do you celebrate Halloween?  If you do, what will you dress up as?


What is your favorite type of candy?


What if your favorite fall smell?


What is your favorite thing to wear in the Fall?


Do you like Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie better?


Do you like to carve pumpkins?  If you do, do you make them friendly or do you make them spooky?


Download this activity here.

Grade Range: PreK-2   


Time:10 Minutes


Synopsis: Students sit in a group with their mentor and answer questions presented on the index cards in front of them. This allows students to get to know one another, to speak freely in a group, and to practice speaking out loud in front of their friends in a clear manner.



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