Ice Breaker: Boom Chicka Boom

Ice Breaker: Boom Chicka Boom


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  • Students gather in a circle (either standing or sitting is fine) with their mentors mixed in amongst the crew
  • Mentor begins: “I say BOOM”
  • Students: “I say BOOM”
  • Mentor: “I say boom-chicka!”
  • Students: “I say boon-chicka!”
  • Mentor: “I say boom-chicka-boom!”
  • Students: “I say boom-chicka-boom!”
  • Mentor: “I say boom-chicka-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom!”
  • Students: “I say boom-chicka-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka boom!”
  • Mentor: “Oh yeah!”
  • Students: “Oh yeah!”
  • Mentor: “One more time!”
  • Students: “One more time!”
  • Mentor: “Opera voice! I say boom-chicka-boom!” (In silly operatic voice…carry on using a variety of different voices – rap voice, whisper voice, mouse voice, etc.)


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Ice Breaker: Boom Chicka Boom (Life Skills)

Grade Range: PreK-6   

Time: 10 Minutes


Synopsis: Students are asked to repeat a silly phrase, in a pattern, after their mentors (with the addition of silly voices!)


chant, fun, song