I Like To…

I Like To…


  1. One mentor will quickly explain the Icebreaker to the students by demonstrating the following: “My name is Bob and I like to run!” Bob then uses body to mimic running. Bob then tells the students to repeat, and do, what he has said. Students: “Bob likes to run!” as they use their bodies to mimic running.
  2. Bob then says, “Okay, number 1, Sarah, you are up next!”
  3. Sarah introduces herself by saying “My name is Sarah and I like to play baseball…” as she swings an imaginary baseball bat
  4. Everyone repeats “Sarah likes to play baseball!” as they do the movement.
  5. Repeat until all students have gone

    Download activity here

Grade Range: PreK – 2 

Time: 10 Minutes


Synopsis: This activity will allow students to get to know their mentors’ and classmates’ names and something that they like to do. It also supports memory, movement, and imagination.