Famously Famous Fable

Famously Famous Fable

Materials: Please pre-read the fables prior to starting the lesson to familiarize yourself with the lesson/moral being shared in each.

  • The Lion & the Mouse (view here)
  • The Mother & the Wolf (view here)
  • The Young Crab & His Mother (view here)
  • The Traveler’s & the Purse (view here)



  1. Mentors will ask the students if they have ever heard of a ‘fable’ before…wait for responses, and then go ahead and introduce the word ‘fable’ to the students (Fable: a short story conveying a moral.)
  2. Share with the students some common features of fables: they typically feature animals, they teach us a lesson, they are fiction, they are short, most are funny
  3. Let the students know that you will be reading a few common fables after which you will ask them to identify the lesson being taught in each one. Remind them to be very careful listeners.
  4. After reading the fable, have students answer the following: Can you remember a time that you felt like one of the animals in the story? What did you learn? Do you know any fables? Which one of the ones that we read was your favorite?


Download activity here

Grade Range: 3 – 5 

Time: 30 Minutes


Synopsis: Students will learn the meaning of ‘Fable’ and have a discussion of those above. This lesson encourages critical thinking and group sharing. ** Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer **