Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Coffee Filter Snowflakes


  • Coffee Filters
  • Bowl of Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Food coloring, liquid water colors, or glitter glue
  • Scissors



  1. Divide students into groups
  2. Lay a coffee filter out on a flat surface. Be sure to protect your surface with a plastic bag or tray to prevent staining.
  3. With a paintbrush, wet the coffee filter until it lays flat. Drip 2 or 3 drops of food coloring or liquid watercolor paint onto the coffee filter and swish your brush around. blending the colors until your coffee filter is completely colored.


Download this activity here.


Grade Range: PreK – 2nd


Time: 20 minutes


Synopsis: Celebrate the winter season with this fun snowflake craft! Using Coffee filters and food coloring, students will practice coordination, creativity and self-expression.