Career Bingo

Career Bingo


  • Laminated or paper bingo cards
  • Laminated or paper calling cards
  • Beans, skittles, M&M’s, or mini pom poms
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  1. Mentors will introduce each job description in a PowerPoint presentation to include 3 facts and a picture. Make sure your 3 facts are age appropriate.
  2. Mentors will pass out Bingo cards to students along with a handful of beans, skittles, M&M’s or mini pom poms.
  3. Mentors will call out job descriptions to include 3 facts. Give hints and clues if necessary.
  4. When the students have Bingo, have some small prizes as a giveaway for an incentive.
  5. Play several times and have fun!



Download activity here

Grade Range: PreK – 8 

Time: 30 Minutes


Synopsis: Students are given the opportunity to learn about job descriptions in your company while exposing them to different career paths.