Blind Snowman

Blind Snowman

Materials: paper and writing utensil



  1. Make sure students are prepared with one sheet of paper and one writing utensil
  2. Mentors will explain the instructions to the students: ‘We will be drawing snowmen…but wait! It’s a little tricky because we will be doing it with OUR EYES CLOSED!’
  3. Mentors will ask everyone to pick up their pencil and close their eyes… (Mentors, you, too!)
  4. Once students have closed their eyes, a mentor will begin with the instructions:
    Draw the head of a snowman on your paper.
    Now draw the middle circle
    Now draw the bottom circle
    Give your snowman 2 eyes
    He needs a nose
    Now give him 2 arms
    And 5 buttons marching down the front
    Oh, and he has to have a mouth
    And you’d better give him a hat before he melts
  5. Let students know it is time to open their eyes! Ask for volunteers to share their snowman – there will be much laughter!

    Download activity here

Grade Range: PreK – 2nd 

Time: 10 Minutes


Synopsis: Students and mentors will draw a snowman…with one catch…you must have your eyes closed! Mentors will give students the directions necessary to draw the snowman and students will attempt to draw it on their paper. After they have completed their drawing, they can hold up their drawing to share with the group. This is a fun activity to get everyone laughing and ready to begin their session! (This icebreaker pairs well with our ‘Snow Your Snow’ Activity!) ** Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer **