Black History Match

Black History Match


  • Set of 5 Descriptions (viewable when you download)
  • Set of 5 Names (viewable when you download)

(Just print, cut, and place in baggies to keep together until time to begin the activity!  One set per table, assuming 5 tables/groups of students.)



  1. Students will be broken into 5 groups of 5-6 students each
  2. Mentors will pass out descriptions and names. One set per table group
  3. Students and mentors will work to match the names to the descriptions (be careful to work quietly so the other table groups don’t benefit from your hard work!)
  4. When all matches have been made, mentors will call on students to share 1-2 of their matches with the class as a whole.

** Talking Points:  What do/did all of these famous African Americans have in common? What did the students find most interesting about each of their lives?  What is one theme that they noticed in each life description?



Download activity here


Black History Match

(Life Skills, College and Career)

 Grade Range: 5-8   

Time: 30 Minutes

Synopsis: Students are given descriptions of famous African Americans in modern history and asked to match them with the person to whom that description belongs.  After matches have been made, students will share their matches with the class.

African American, history