Behind My Mask I Am . . .

Behind My Mask I Am . . .

Materials: Paper (1 sheet); crayons/ markers ; Links to assist: Lucy’s Mask Read Aloud ; Masked Heroes: Cincinnati Children’s ; Books to assist: Lucy’s Mask



  1. Mentors will talk with the students about their masks and elicit some thoughts as to how they feel wearing them. Do they like it? Is it hot? Itchy? How do they feel? Discuss how it can be pretty tricky to know how someone is feeling when you can’t see their whole face, but how we can still smile with our eyes!
  2. Next, you will explain the activity to the students. They will be drawing a masked self-portrait on a sheet of paper. Let students know that they will have about 7 minutes to complete their portrait.
  3. After their portraits are complete, ask for volunteers to share their portraits. Mentors, you share, as well!
  4. Next, students will use the space alongside their faces to write 5 adjectives (remind students that an adjective is a describing word) about themselves. Feel free to show the example I have included on the next page. Providing examples is always a great idea: helpful, fun, funny, smart, kind, happy, etc.
  5. When students have completed their self-portraits, go ahead and give some time to share.
  6. After sharing is complete, consider watching the two resources linked above. One is a kid-friendly read aloud about masks and the other is from Cincinnati Children’s detailing the importance of masks.
  7. Finish up by reminding the students that while it’s not the most fun to have to wear them, we are keeping everyone safe and are still just as amazing as ever behind our masks!

    Download activity here

Grade Range: 3 – 5 

Time: 25 Minutes


Synopsis: This activity focuses on why we must wear masks but also how each of us is still unique and wonderful behind our mask! (This activity pairs nicely with our “Guess Who?” icebreaker.). ** Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer **