Beach Ball Plans!

Beach Ball Plans!


  • Plastic beach balls (they have great deals on bulk packs at Amazon)
  • Colorful sharpies
  • Writing Utensils
  • List of prompts (viewable when downloaded)



  1. Mentors will introduce the prompts to the students…if possible, writing them on the board is very helpful, especially for the younger grades.
  2. Mentors will pass out paper with prompts, along with writing utensils, and give students about 10 minutes or so to fill them out.
  3. When students have completed their prompts on paper, pass out one beach ball to each student and one sharpie
  4. Students will write one prompt/answer on each section of their beach ball.
  5. When students have finished, each mentor will gather a group of students and share what is on the beach ball. The most fun way of doing this?  Toss the ball to one another and have students talk about that prompt/question each other!


Download activity here


Beach Ball Plans

(Life Skills)

Grade Range: 3-8   

Time: 40 Minutes


Synopsis: Students are given time to think about some of their summer goals before writing those goals on a colorful beach ball! 

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