Anti-Bullying by US Bank

Anti-Bullying by US Bank


  • PowerPoint Presentation here
  • Various Bullying Scenarios for role play break-out sessions.



  1. Use PowerPoint Presentation as talking point for an open discussion vs. just reading slide by slide. Depending on age, use examples that the students can relate to.
  2. Have teacher break kids out into groups of 3-5 students and pair 1-2 mentors with each group.
  3. Give each group a bully scenario to act out.
  4. Have each group “perform” their skit for the class, and have the class identify who played the bully, the victim and the bystanders.
  5. Wrap up with speaking to importance of each role in these various scenarios and open the floor up for any additional discussion/questions the students may have.


Download this activity here.

Created by US Bank


Grade Range:1st-6th      


Time:60 Minutes


Synopsis: Students will learn what bullying looks like, along with the different roles people play in these situations. We will follow up with learning strategies that can help to turn a bullying situation into one that has a positive outcome.



bullying, life skills, role playing