“A Pile of Junk!” (STEAM, Life Skills)

“A Pile of Junk!” (STEAM, Life Skills)


  • Task Cards (1 task card per group of 3-4 students, every group will have a different task card)
  • 1 plastic bin with a pile of junk per group
  • 1 Rubric per student




** Begin the activity time by talking with the whole group about the importance of thinking critically and creatively.  Explain that each of you will work in a group of 3 or 4 and be given a task to create something using a pile of junk in the time allotted.  When finished each student will fill in the rubric.


  1. Students will work in groups of 3-4 with one mentor.
  2. Each student will receive one rubric and a container/box of junk.
  3. Mentor will read the task card and inform the students to be creative in their design.
  4. After the task is finished each student will fill out the rubric.



Download activity here

Grade Range: PreK – 8 

Time: 10-15 Minutes

(STEAM, Life Skills)


Synopsis: Mentors will talk with students about thinking critically and creatively when presented with a task

art, Creativity, life skills, STEAM, Teamwork