5 Steps to Being Successful

5 Steps to Being Successful

Materials: Links to assist: Michelle Obama Speech



  1. Mentors will ask students what they feel ‘success’ means. After all students have shared who feel they’d like to, give them the following definition: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In other words, achieving what you set out to achieve.
  2. Ask students to share what they think will lead to success in their own personal goals. Mentors, please provide examples of what has worked for you.
  3. After sharing, go ahead and share the five steps above using the following scenario as an example: I want to learn to knit mittens
    • First, I will have a plan: I will learn to knit. I will set aside the time, gather the materials necessary, and decide what to make.
    • Secondly, I will learn all I can about knitting. I will watch videos and learn different techniques while I follow along and practice.
    • Next, I will recognize that I will fail and be prepared to try again/change what I need to change in my technique so that I can be successful the next time.
    • Fourth, I will celebrate that I have knitted nearly a full mitten without one mistake! I will be happy that I didn’t have to start over.
    • Finally, I will be persistent and continue to work towards my success in making a pair of mittens.
  4. Ask students if they’d like to share something that they would like to learn to do/be better at. Collectively, work as a class to detail the five steps necessary for success in the example provided.
  5. Mentors, consider having a few examples to share in the event that the students don’t feel comfortable sharing. When you have finished discussing the steps, share the above linked video with the students. It’s a great reminder that in order to be successful, you have to be okay failing! We learn from our failures, and that’s okay.

    Download activity here

Grade Range: 3rd-5th

Time: 25 minutes **Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer.**


Synopsis: Mentors will talk with the students about the following 5 keys to success in life, relationships, school, etc. before watching a motivational speech given by former first lady,
Michelle Obama.