Letter from CEO: Our COVID-19 Response

Letter from CEO: Our COVID-19 Response

A Message from Adopt A Class CEO, Sonya Fultz, on behalf of Board of Directors:

It has been just a few short weeks since I have had the privilege of becoming the CEO of Adopt A Class and no one could have foreseen my first day being the last in-person workday in the state of Ohio. I want to share my gratitude and appreciation to the board of directors, the Adopt A Class staff, and our partners for welcoming me. I look forward to working together.

As all of us experience COVID-19’s social and economic impact, we wanted to take a moment to update you on how this crisis is impacting our work. For years, Adopt A Class has partnered with corporations, businesses, and community organizations to expose Greater Cincinnati students to a breadth of experiences and careers. We are so grateful, and thankful, to our many teams of positive role models entering the classroom each month and our mission of continuing this excellent work remains the same.

Within just days of Ohio and Kentucky schools making the transition to virtual instruction, Adopt A Class staff went to work to address the equity gap for families without access to devices for at-home learning. In recent weeks, many of you have responded as companies, as well as personally, to donate devices. Thanks to your generosity, twenty families now have access to their teachers, classmates, and instruction at home. And we are collecting more each day! Companies and individuals connected to Adopt A Class have also provided other resources including food, clothing, and school supplies to meet the needs and requests of our teachers, on behalf of their students, resource coordinators, and schools. Our incredible Adopters have continued to send messages and videos to their teachers, so that their teams can stay connected with their students, bringing lots of smiles all around!

Unfortunately, this school year will come to an end without some of our favorite Adopt A Class traditions, including the much loved Red’s Game outing. In addition, all of our Adopters will miss the opportunity to have their final classroom visit for this academic year and many will miss their year-end field trips that they have so meticulously planned. There is much disappointment, for sure, but we look forward to new opportunities going forward.

While we cannot predict what classroom instruction will look like this fall, please know that the Adopt A Class staff will be prepared with solutions to continue to carry out our program in a successful and beneficial way. We are actively considering meaningful ways to connect teams to classrooms through the use of technology. We are seeking solutions to continue mentoring visits virtually, or in the schools, provided that they can be done so safely by adhering to both district and state guidelines. Together, we will find creative ways to engage students with speakers, virtual field trips, career knowledge and engagement, and much more.

As we navigate this time of uncertainty, please know that your partnership is pivotal right now. As such, we invite you to reach out during this unprecedented time with any solutions that you envision would best serve our students. Together, we will be ready to support our students, teachers, and schools in the fall!

Sonya Fultz
Chief Executive Officer, Adopt A Class

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