Adopt A Class Toy Shop & Breakfast with Santa at Oyler School

Adopt A Class Toy Shop & Breakfast with Santa at Oyler School

On December 12th, 2019 Adopt A Class and Sgsco hosted a Toy Shop & Breakfast with Santa at Oyler School. Each student made their way through Santa’s workshop by starting with picking out a stuffed animal, meeting Santa, choosing a top toy, and also picking a book. The event had nearly 100 students visit Santa’s workshop to be gifted over 120 top toys to students in need. These top toys were donated by Sgsco and ranged from $60-$100 in value.

Jamie Ward, Account Manager for Sgsco says: ”When I learned that we had a surplus of super cool toys leftover from a project that we were allowed to donate or give away, I knew immediately that I wanted children who may not typically receive such toys to receive them. I love this time of year because of the joy I see on my own daughter’s face and I’m just as excited to see that same spark on children whom I have never met. There is no greater feeling than seeing a child smile and feel loved. It’s what the season is all about”.

In addition to toys, students enjoyed over 30 dozen donuts, juice, and milk provided by the University of Cincinnati. Volunteers from Adopt A Class, Sgsco, University of Cincinnati and other community members participated in the Toy Shop to pass out toys and breakfast to all students in attendance. Thank you to Sgsco and the University of Cincinnati for all the great work you do. Adopt A Class was proud to be able to host this Toy Shop & Breakfast with Santa at Oyler School along side such great partners.

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