Vice-Mayor Christopher Smitherman Visits with Adopt A Class!

Vice-Mayor Christopher Smitherman Visits with Adopt A Class!

On Thursday, October 31st, City of Cincinnati’s Vice-Mayor Christopher Smitherman joined one of our 12 U.S. Bank Adopt A Class team’s in their classroom visit to Winton Hills Academy. This visit was their first visit to kick-off this school year’s mentoring experience.

The U.S. Bank Team conducts monthly visits to Ms. Dellecave’s 4th grade classroom. Each month, the team mentors students about STEM, college & career, or life skills through educational activities and experiences. The team started out by giving introductions of each mentor, sharing their name and their role at U.S. Bank. The introductory session gave students the opportunity to get to know the mentors, ask questions about their day-to-day responsibilities at U.S. Bank, and expose the students to new careers they had never heard about, until this first visit.

The mentors, students, and Vice-Mayor Smitherman went on to play a “get to know” activity about interconnectedness. Ms. Dellecave moderated the activity by reading out various questions about everyone’s likes, dislikes, and favorite things to do. For each question, if the mentors or students agreed with the statement being read, they raised their hand and tossed a ball of yarn to one another. After reading multiple shared statements, the activity created a web of connectedness among mentors, students, and the Vice-Mayor.

After the activity, Ms. Letitia Edwards, the team lead for this U.S. Bank Adopt A Class team, went around the room to have each of the students practice introductions and public speaking, by introducing themselves, their favorite sport, favorite TV show, or favorite song.

Finally, Vice-Mayor Smitherman had the opportunity to address the students directly. Mr. Smitherman shared an inspirational message to the students about promoting leadership, hard work, and kindness to all. He stressed the importance of being a leader and not a follower, but also learning the proper life skills to follow leaders appropriately, like supervisors and teachers, like Ms. Dellecave. Next, he shared a message of hard work, speaking from his own experience, it is important to work hard to get to where you want to go. Specifically, he spoke about putting in the hard work on things, even when you are not asked to. For the students, he challenged them to go home and do a chore, like clean their room, put dishes away, or do their homework, without being asked. Mr. Smitherman ended his message with a conversation about kindness. He highlighted the importance of complimenting one another, uplifting other students, and always be kind to all people you encounter as you go through life, as you never know what anyone may be struggling with at the time.

Thank you to Vice-Mayor Smitherman for being a mentor in our community. We appreciate the Vice-Mayor for taking the time to promote leadership, hard work, and kindness to our students. Thank you to the U.S. Bank team for organizing such an amazing first visit with the 4th grade students from Winton Hills Academy.

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