Free Cincinnati Museum Center Visit

Free Cincinnati Museum Center Visit

Thank you for your interest in scheduling an experience at Cincinnati Museum Center. If the school or business is paying for the experience, please visit the website to aid with planning and skip to the Scheduling section below. For those of you who are interested in learning about visiting using a grant:

Grant 1
For schools that have at least 60% of their students enrolled in free-and-reduced lunch programs, experiences may be scheduled at no cost while grant funds remain. These experiences include admission to:

  • Duke Energy Children’s Museum (4th grade and younger)
  • Museum of Natural History & Science
  • Cincinnati History Museum
  • OMNIMAX Theater
  • Destination Moon (through February 17)
  • Learning Lab (classroom experience that takes place during field trips
  • Please note, grant funds from this foundation are almost expended for the year. Educators need to call to schedule these right away.

    Grant 2
    For students 4th grade and younger (again, from schools who have at least 60% of students enrolled in free-and-reduced lunch programs), we do have additional grant funds that will cover admission to just Duke Energy Children’s Museum, as well as bus transportation, if necessary. These experiences are covered by a grant from Delta Dental Foundation and would require students to complete a worksheet while exploring the Inside the Grin exhibit inside the children’s museum.

    For those of you working with CPS schools, the grant-eligible schools from that district have already been added to our grant-eligible list. You may contact Tony Lawson via email at [email protected] to confirm the school is grant-eligible. For those of you who are working with Norwood, Princeton, Lockland, Covington and Newport schools, we will need an administrator from the school to email Tony Lawson a signed letter on district letterhead noting the school’s percentage of students enrolled in the free-and-reduced lunch program. This will need to be completed before a field trip can be scheduled using a grant. If the school or business is paying for an experience, this step is not necessary.

    Even if the school or business is paying for an experience, we still recommend the educator call to schedule as soon as possible to ensure the preferred date is available.

    To schedule an experience, it is preferred if the educator is the person to call to schedule. To assist the educator in planning, here is the list of questions our guest services team will ask during the reservation call. When ready, the educator may call 513-287-7021 to make the reservation.

    Field Trip Request Form

  • School Name
  • School Address
  • Teacher Name
  • Teacher Phone
  • Teacher Email
  • Grade Level
  • Number of Students
  • Number of Adults
  • First Choice Date
  • Second Choice Date
  • Arrival Time
  • Departure Time
  • What would school like to do: museums? OMNIMAX? Learning Lab?
  • Will students bring lunch? If so, what 30-minute time slot would you prefer they eat?
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