2019 Adopter Symposium

2019 Adopter Symposium

Thank you to the nearly 200 adopters and resources coordinators who attended the 2019 Adopter Symposium at Xavier University on September 18th, 2019. Thank you to our keynote speaker, Dr. O’dell Owens, President & CEO of Interact for Health. Thank you to our magnificent presenters from United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Laura Wellerding, and from P&G, Ed Barber. The presentation from the symposium is available here.

Adopt A Class is here to support you! If you are looking for classroom activities, best practices, pen paling, or field trip ideas, please visit the educational activities section in the resource center on our website at www.aacmentors.org/educational-activities. Additionally, our STEM Advisor, Karen Meyer, is available to assist you with designing and executing STEM activities for your classroom. To contact Karen, please email her at [email protected].

Key items to take away from the symposium include the Mentor Tracker and the Safety Agreement. Please continue to log your visits in the Mentor Tracker. The information you track is instrumental in understanding our total impact and providing you with you specific details about your teams, classrooms, and contributions each year. Don’t forget to sign off on the Adopt A Class Safety Agreement before your first visit. For more information, please visit the training section in the resource center on our website to read the adopters agreement, tips on best safety practices, and see answers to frequently asked questions. If you haven’t yet signed your Safety Agreement, please contact Marie Rusincovitch at [email protected].

We love to visit with you! Share your upcoming visits with us. Let us know when you are doing something unique about your company or a great field trip to your office. Additionally, if you know of another organization who would make a great adopter, please refer them to Julie Shifman at [email protected].

Thank you to our title sponsor, Frisch’s, and thank you to our program sponsors, Williams Lea Tag and RPI. Thank you to our exhibitors, Great Parks of Hamilton County, iSPACE, United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Crayons 2 Computers, Cincinnati Museum Center, and Karen Meyer, AAC STEM Advisor. Thank you for attending and we wish you a great mentoring experience this school year!

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