2018 Adopter Symposium Recap

2018 Adopter Symposium Recap

Wow! What a wonderful time we had last week during this year’s Adopter Lead Symposium! Over 200 adopters and resource coordinators attended this year’s training where we networked, shared mentoring best practices and learned new activities. All activities taught can be found on our website at www.aacmentors.org/educational-activities. Also, here is this year’s program. Glance through it for additional resources and tips you can use this school year.


Here are the top 7 takeaways and follow up actions from last week’s event:

  1. Share your upcoming visits with us. If you haven’t already, please reach out to your teacher and start planning your out year. We love to visit with you especially when you are doing something unique about your company or a great field trip to your office. Let us know when you are going into the classroom next!
  2. Log your visits in our Mentor Tracker, formerly known as AAC App. This tool is critical to the success of our program for it allows us to quantify the impact you are making in the classroom. Logging your visits this year matters because it helps 1) your school meet its state reporting requirements 2) us sustain our program by securing GRANTS. Yes, funders like to see what your team is doing, and 3) your organization keep an organized log of all the contributions made throughout the year!                         
  3. All Team Leads review and sign our Adopter Handbook. Each year, every Team Lead on behalf of their team must sign our Adopter Handbook to ensure every volunteer understands our program and safety guidelines. Before signing, please read through this handbook in its entirety and share with all team members. As indicated in the Handbook, only Team Leads should sign this document as their signature attests that all team members agree to the policies and procedures outlined. The signature page is at the end of the document. Review and sign here.
  4. Refer a new adopter, win a bus service for this year’s field trip. We have had tremendous growth but there are still many students in our community who need mentors. This year we are awarding the first 5 teams who sends an email to Julie ([email protected]), introducing her to a potential new adopter, will receive funding for their classroom’s transportation to this year’s field trip, a $200 value!
  5. Save the date, Adopt A Class’ first-ever book fair, sponsored by Scholastic Books!We are excited to announce on November 26 we will have our first-ever book fair at the United Way of Greater Cincinnati (thank you for hosting UW!). A perfect time for your holiday shopping, here you will be able to shop for your students to buy great books at reduced prices with some of the proceeds benefiting Adopt A class. More info to come!
  6. Communicate any good news and not so good news (and concerns) with us. As Julie mentioned, last year we lost 24 teams, and most were due to issues that had we known about could have been resolved much sooner. Which means 600 students will not have mentors this year. We love to hear about when things are going great and we really want to know when things are not going so great! Our role is to support you so that both you and our students have a wonderful mentoring experience! Please, please, please communicate with us during the school year as things progress in the classroom!
  7. We are improving pen pal and field trip support. Marie shared that we heard from many of you that you need help with improving your pen palling and field trip planning. Please know we are working to build out more resources and trainings to help you implement a stronger program this year! In the meantime, Marie wrote a blog sharing a step by step guide for planning a quality field trip. Take a look!

This event would not have been a success without the generosity of our:
  • Title Sponsor, Frisch’s and Program Sponsor, Williams Lea Tag
  • Magnificent Presenters: US Bank, P&G, PWC, and our brilliant STEM Advisor, Karen Meyer!
  • Wonderful volunteers
  • And, of course, YOU for coming out to support Adopt A Class, your teams, and the children in our community

THANK YOU and we wish you all a successful school year!


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