#InOneHour: Lockland Students Learn Product Discovery, Development and Promotion

#InOneHour: Lockland Students Learn Product Discovery, Development and Promotion

In just one hour, you can open the eye of so many young people and help them see the potential in their future. Monique Segar, Adopt A Class’s intern, witnessed the impact that is made through our program in just one hour. Read on to learn more…

Teleporting, flying solar power cars, and portable WIFI chargers; those are just a few of the inventions I saw during a recent school visit. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of watching, communicating and learning about the greatness being done at Lockland Elementary School, with the help of the Cintas Corporation.

Cintas developed a project where the students learned entrepreneur skills along with the value an idea can really make. The lesson focused on product development and spanned over three sessions.

This was now Cintas second visit to the classroom (out of three). The first visit focused on product discovery where each group of students brainstormed their inventions. The students were told to come up with an idea that does not exist in the world then develop and create it for a potential buyer. Each student came up with their own idea and then worked together on deciding on one idea per group. The groups then began creating their ideas into a physical product using materials like construction paper, glitter, boxes and many more supplies given by the Cintas. During the second visit, the students finished their projects and then began the second stage of the project: creation and promotion. Each group created an infomercial and was taped by a Cintas employee. One by one each group created a commercial to help support their product.

One young man was inspirational as he discussed his Visual Bot. He mentioned to me that it can do, “Anything you want it to”.  The students learned what goes into a commercial such as stating the product, stating the price of the product, where to get it and other attributes that the consumer may need. I spoke to one of the Cintas employees on the third stage (since it will be in a month or so), one of the employees told me that the third session will focus on the importance of marketing. The students will be able watch their commercials, which are being edited by a Cintas employee, and then will be able to discuss what they learned during their visits with Cintas.

Cintas is just one of many adopters bringing their knowledge, experience and love for giving back to our 250 classrooms. #InOneHour is a story series highlighting their impact they are making every time they visit the classroom. Follow our blog  and social media to catch more stories!

Author Monique Segar, 2018 Adopt A Class Marketing Intern

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